All-Win Plastic & Metal Products Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer in China specializing in manufacture of plastic & metal parts for speakers. And we also provide service of injection and building tools for other industrial products for domestic and foreign customers.

The establishment of this company was initiated by several robust & innovative young guys who have been engaging in this industry for over 10 years. They have participated in the design & manufacture of the plastic housing for 60% of speakers made in south of China exported to oversea market. They are particularly professional in the speaker plastic housing design and structure. Backed with their expertise along with some advanced precision injection machine, we can help our customers render ODM samples specifically as they visualize.

All-Win provides customers not only high level quality products but also competitive prices. As a player in the international market, All-Win well knows that the quality is the core for it to compete with others. AllWin pursues not the size, but the quality. The determination of All-Win is to: be high standard supplier, provide best quality products and services to customers all the time. Let All-Win say All- Win.

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